Latin American & Iberian Network for Academic Collaboration (LAINAC)

About Center

The Latin American & Iberian Network for Academic Collaboration (LAINAC) was founded in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in 2014 for the purpose of strengthening the University’s academic and educational ties with leading universities in Latin America and Spain. The original Japanese name of this network was the University of Tokyo Latin America Academic Network.

In the same year that the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan launched its “Top Global University Project,” the University of Tokyo set out to forge strategic partnerships with leading universities around the globe. LAINAC is a part of this undertaking and is directed at broadening the University of Tokyo’s ties with diverse academic institutions in Spain and the Latin American countries, the first being the El Colegio de México.

This collaboration network has led to numerous joint research and student exchange projects that were integrated in 2018 into the Institute for Advanced Global Studies (IAGS) as LAINAC. While retaining its focus on Latin American area studies, LAINAC continues to carry out a broad range of research and student exchange that extend beyond the realm of area studies.


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