GSI Caravan

Caravan Project

Six projects are underway as of the academic year 2021.

how to proceed with the project

  • The first year

    GSI Overseas Caravan Practice
    A research “caravan” organized under the supervision of an assigned leader spends approximately two weeks visiting four or five overseas universities, holding joint seminars and exchanging views with local researchers. The caravan is aimed at deepening insights into the respective research fields, building networks among researchers, and laying the foundations for an international academic convention to be held the following year.
  • The second year

    GSI International Academic Convention
    For each project, the University of Tokyo hosts/will host an international academic convention. Researchers from universities around the world including the partners of the GSI Overseas Caravan Practice are invited to the convention.
  • The third year

    Publication of GSI Book Series
    The outcome of the GSI Overseas Caravan Practice and the GSI International Academic Convention will be published in English in as the GSI Book Series.