Public Sphere and Diversifying Views of History:

Memories and Reconciliation in Europe and Asia

About Project

Post–Cold War Europe has witnessed the emergence of a new perspective of history, with the memories of World War II superimposed on those of a communist dictatorship, a development that led to international reconciliation in tandem with the progress of European integration. On the other hand, the spread of rightwing populism in recent years has cast doubt on the narrative of international reconciliation and national unification. This project is intended to serve as a bridge between the two topics from the standpoint of memories and recollection for the achievement of reconciliation in the public sphere.

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KAWAKITA AtsukoPrincipal InvestigatorDepartment of Area Studies (Associate Professor)
ISHIDA YujiResearch MemberDepartment of Area Studies (Professor)
TONOMURA MasaruResearch MemberDepartment of Area Studies (Professor)
OKADA TaiheiResearch MemberDepartment of Area Studies (Associate Professor)
OGAWA HiroyukiResearch MemberDepartment of Area Studies (Associate Professor)
AKO TomokoResearch MemberDepartment of Advanced Social and International Studies (Associate Professor)
HIRAMATSU HidetoResearch MemberCenter for German and European Studies (Assistant Professor)
OSHIMO RiseResearch MemberCenter for German and European Studies (Project Researcher)

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