National Autonomous University of Mexico

National Autonomous University of Mexico

The National Autonomous University of Mexico can be described as the equivalent of The University of Tokyo in Mexico. Founded in 1910, UNAM possesses 24 departments as well as 57 research centers. It is the largest university in Latin America, with the student body size of approximately 230,000 and about 38,000 professors and researchers (as of October, 2015). With the spacious campus located in the southern part of Mexico City, its exquisite and impressive main campus was registered as a world heritage site in 2007.

UNAM and The University of Tokyo have been active in terms of the student exchange among their undergraduate students. We have successfully carried out some short-term yet very intensive interacting opportunities such as “international academic studies” where The University of Tokyo students visit Mexico, and “TAKUMI”, where UNAM students visit Japan. Moreover, a trans-Pacific scale class where students of each university practice Japanese and Spanish conversation, 30 minute-long respectively, via Skype has become an official course where credits can be obtained in both universities.

In December 2016, The University of Tokyo and UNAM have signed the memorandum, mainly led by UTokyo LAINAC. Should you wish to study abroad using this system, please refer this page: Student Exchange System (USTEP). You can also study abroad through applying to Japan-Mexico Strategic Global Partnership, offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Past Collaborations

[Research] International Conference "Japan-Latin America Academic Conference 2018 in Nikko" (September 2018) [Students] Global Praxis in Mexico 2018 (February 2018) [Research] UTokyo LAINAC Mexico Month (October - December 2017) [Students] UTokyo LAINAC Mexico Month: Graduate Student Programs (November 2017) [Students] UNAM-UTokyo Teletándem (October 2015 - Present) [Students] Programa de 14 días en la Universidad de Tokio "TAKUMI 2016: JAPÓN DESDE DENTRO" (March - April 2016) [Students] Global Praxis in Mexico 2016 (January - February 2016)