Conditions of Sovereignty

About Project

As two decades of the twentieth-first century has past, in the present day, with radical proceedings of globalization and informatization, the seemingly outdated concept of “sovereignty” has again caught people’s attention. On the other hand, while theoretical examinations of the concept are insufficient, in reality “sovereignty” has increasingly become a polemical concept. Taking into consideration different political experiences over the world in the present-day, this project aims at a theoretical and philosophical reexamination of the conditions that determine the concept of sovereignty.

Project Overview


KOKUBUN KoichiroPrincipal InvestigatorDepartment of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies (Associate Professor)
WANG QinResearch MemberDepartment of Area Studies (Associate Professor)
Ching Yuen CheungResearch MemberDepartment of Area Studies (Associate Professor)
ISHII TsuyoshiResearch MemberDepartment of Area Studies (Associate Professor)
NAKAJIMA TakahiroResearch MemberInstitute for Advanced Studies on Asia (Professor)


The Progress

In order to answer various questions, we have to go beyond pure theoretical investigations and examine different concepts of sovereignty that are operative in different states and areas as a consequence of historical and geographical dynamics. Several small-scale seminars will be held online in cooperation with universities in the U.S., Korea, and China.

Research Plan for the Academic Year 2021 Research Plan for the Academic Year 2022