Jun 14 2024 10:00-12:00 (JST)

The first workshop of the GSI caravan project “the conditions of sovereignty.”

CaravanConditions of Sovereignty

The first workshop of the GSI caravan project “the conditions of sovereignty.”

【Time & Date】

10:00-12:00 (JST:⽇本時間) Saturday, July 24, 2021
18:00-20:00 (PST) Friday, July 23, 2021


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【Language】 English


“Introduction: (Re-) Problematizing the Sovereignty”
̶̶̶̶Kōichirō Kokubun (The University of Tokyo)

“Qualified immunity or conditional sovereignty: on defective institutions”
̶̶̶̶Jacques Lezra (University of California, Riverside)

A principle of reciprocal legitimation is at work whenever arguments for the sovereignty (or, more weakly put, the
“legitimate authority”) of institutions are advanced: an actor who freely and rationally imbues the institution with
proxy authority; an institution which acts out of a legitimacy it possesses by in turn conferring, to the actors who
imbued it with authority, the qualities of coherence, rationality, and freedom. This principle of reciprocal
legitimation is invulnerable as long as sovereignty (or, more weakly, legitimacy) and “actors” (more strongly,
“political subjects”) conform, each alone and each in relation to the other, to requirements borrowed from
classical discursive and logical categories: unities and continuities of time; self-identity; non-contradiction;
sufficient reason. Defective institutions appropriate to radically differentiated societies will have to be possessed
of conditional sovereignty. This talk develops its concept, taking the institution of the police̶and the so-called
“qualified immunity” with which that institution and its actors are vested by US law̶as its test and example.


Institute for Advanced Global Studies(IAGS), The University of Tokyo


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【About project】

The details of the project ‘conditions of sovereignty’ are uploaded on this webpage.