Revolutionalizing the concept of the “universal” through the experiences of small nations and collectivities

About Project

The changing landscape has problematized the conventional approach adopted in the main areas of global studies in the English-speaking world, such as the field of international relations, in which the perspectives of “major powers” are taken for granted, resting upon the notion of the “universal” defined in the modern Western context. Rooted in this awareness, the project aims at reexamining the “universal” from the perspectives of “small nations.”

Project Overview


DATE KiyonobuPrincipal InvestigatorDepartment of Area Studies (Professor)
OGAWA HiroyukiResearch MemberDepartment of Area Studies (Professor)
TSUCHIYA KazuyoResearch MemberDepartment of Area Studies (Professor)
TSURUMI TaroResearch MemberDepartment of Area Studies (Associate Professor)
CHEUNG Ching-yuenResearch MemberDepartment of Area Studies (Associate Professor)
SAKIHAMA SanaResearch MemberEast Asian Academy for New Liberal Arts/Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia (Project Assistant Professor)
TANAKA HirokiResearch Member Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology (Graduate Student)

The Progress

With the disciplinary backgrounds in the history of thought, religious studies, historical science, sociology, and international relations, they have conducted research on different regional fields including the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Israel, the United States, Canada (Quebec), Japan, and China (Hong Kong). The project pursues the goal of creating a new field of area studies based in Komaba through its global partnerships with researchers sharing the same areas of interest at prominent overseas universities.

Research Plan for the Academic Year 2020 Research Report for the Academic Year 2020 Research Plan for the Academic Year 2021


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