Research Center for African Studies(RCAS)

About Center

More than a half-century has passed since the Year of Africa (1960). While, on one hand, the continent has seen macro-economic growth due to the new development of natural resources and other factors, on the other hand, only some of the benefits of that growth are being reflected in African society. Today, the African continent is at a major turning point, not only in economic terms, but in its place in the modern world. It is the primary purpose of this Center to study this transformative period of the African region through humanities and social science perspectives. Incorporating the new research paradigm of human security, the Center carries out theoretical and empirical research on the social, political, and economic dynamics taking place in contemporary Africa, field studies of armed conflicts and nation-building, and critical analyses of diverse policies. The Center also holds seminars and symposiums, inviting researchers and practitioners from both Japan and abroad, publishes its own research outcomes, and works to give back to society the fruits of its research and educational activities and to promote social and international collaborations with practitioners.


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