UTokyo LAINAC has been hosting lecture series which cover diverse themes by researchers from abroad. The main target of these events are UTokyo students. Some of these lecture series are offered as official courses, meaning that students can earn credits by taking them. Through these lecture series, students have the great opportunity to learn in a global environment where they will be able to have ears of researchers from all over the world. In addition, all the individual networks students build with those researchers will be an asset as they continue their paths with their researchers in the future. For specific contents of each intensive lecture series, click on the banner below.

What's New

#06 Contentious Politics Workshops
May 26, 2021-present

Past Events

#04 Género, feminismo y cuerpo: Aproximaciones teóricas y empíricas
May 17 to 20, 2016
Karine Tinat(Centro de Estudios Sociológicos, El Colegio de México)

#03 Research on the Consequences of Social Movements
November 11 to 21, 2014
Edwin Amenta(University of California, Irvine(USA))

#02 Contentious Politics in the Andean Region
July 7 to 28, 2014
Moises Arce(University of Missouri, Columbia(USA))

#01 The Future of Democracy after Neoliberalism: Social Movements in a Globalizing World
April 9 to July 2, 2014
Takeshi Wada(The University of Tokyo)