Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

The Catholic University of Chile was founded in 1888 and is well-known as the most traditional and prestigious private university in Chile. Along with Chile University, The Catholic University of Chile has always played a central role for many academic research fields in Chile.

Since launching the first academic partnership with The University of Tokyo in 1996, it has established intimate and various collaborative relationships in areas ranging from astronomy, seismology to liberal arts, regardless of both humanity and science. In particular, UTokyo Forum held in 2013 triggered collaborative transversal academic forums on a regular basis in both Chile and Japan, and it is highly expected to further expand and develop its relationships as trans-Pacific partners.

As for interactions among students, it has mainly been organized by the system called USTEP. For more details, check out the homepage of USTEP.

Past Collaborations

【共同研究】International Workshop "Rethinking Inequality: Its Causes, Perceptions and Politics" (January 2020) [Research] International Conference "Japan-Latin America Academic Conference 2018 in Nikko" (September 2018) [Research] Brown Bag Series #31 (June 2018) [Research] Brown Bag Series #27 (February 2018) [Research] UTokyo LAINAC @ LASA2017 in Lima, Peru (April - May 2017) [Research] Chile Japan Academic Forum 2016 at Patagonia (November 2016) [Students] Programa de 14 días en la Universidad de Tokio "TAKUMI 2016: JAPÓN DESDE DENTRO" (March - April 2016) [Research] The 2016 UTokyo LAINAC International Workshop "The Future of Democracy after Neoliberalism: Challenges from Latin America" (January 2016)