Research on linguistic theory exploring the possibilities for mutual understanding in society

About Project

What is true and what is not true is by no means self-evident as we see from events in contemporary society. Yet, if we fail to recognize obvious falsehoods, then our acts of communication and speech come to nothing. This situation poses a fundamental problem for society as well as for the social sciences and theoretical linguistics. Today’s tools of communication impact not only the ways in which we communicate but also the relationship between people’s knowledge and beliefs. While paying close attention to how these changes are affecting communication and language, this project will conduct linguistic analyses and develop new theories concerning the relationship between a person’s knowledge and their beliefs. Within the context of global studies, this research will seek to reexamine the foundations of communication, that is, what makes communication possible and what causes it to fail (for more, click ‘Project Overview’ tab).

Project Overview


MORI YoshikiPrincipal InvestigatorDepartment of Language and Information Science (Professor)
Klaus von HeusingerResearch MemberUniversität zu Köln, Philosophische Fakultät (ordentlicher Professor)
OKANO ShinyaResearch MemberChiba University, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (part-time lecturer)
HIRAYAMA HitomiResearch MemberFaculty of Business and Commerce, Keio University (lecturer)
ITO KatsumasaResearch MemberFaculty of Liberal Arts, Sciences and Global Education
Osaka Metropolitan University (lecturer)
YAMAZAKI YutoResearch MemberMie University, Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economics (specially appointed lecturer)
HAYASHI NoritsuguResearch MemberGraduate School of Arts and Sciences (Graduate Student)
FUJII ShungoResearch MemberGraduate School of Arts and Sciences (Graduate Student)
TAKAHATA AkariResearch MemberGraduate School of Arts and Sciences (Graduate Student)
MIYATA MizuhoResearch MemberGraduate School of Arts and Sciences (Graduate Student)
YUN SeongrakResearch MemberGraduate School of Arts and Sciences (Graduate Student)

The Progress

Research Plan for the Academic Year 2021