Center for Pacific and American Studies (CPAS)

About Center

Established in 2000, the Center for Pacific and American Studies (CPAS) was preceded by the Center for American Studies (CAS) founded in 1967 as the first institution at a Japanese national university devoted to research on North America. CPAS currently conducts research of the Pacific region, particularly focusing on North America and Australia, with an emphasis on global relations across the region. As of March 2017, the extensive CPAS library has a collection of approximately 70,000 books and subscriptions to 1,010 periodicals on the politics, economics and history of the region that is open to the public and available to students and researchers both inside and outside the university. CPAS also sponsors open symposiums as well as periodic research seminars with invited speakers from around the globe that attract many participants. CPAS publishes a regular bulletin, Pacific and American Studies, as well as occasional monograph series on ongoing research.


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