Global Studies Initiative
World-leading INnovative Graduate Study Program



The Global Studies Initiative - World-leading Innovative Graduate Study Program (GSI-WINGS) is a part of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo. In this unique 5-year integrated graduate program linking master’s and doctoral courses, students acquire a deep understanding of diverse languages, cultures, and regions through advanced interdisciplinary study of the humanities and social sciences. The program aims to foster “knowledge professionals” with leadership skills who will be able to bring diverse sectors of society together to tackle the challenges of the globalized world.

Students in the program focus on one of four major areas: global communication, global history, global governance, and global ethics. The curriculum takes full advantage of the international research and educational opportunities offered by the graduate school.

An integrated master’s-doctoral program to foster “knowledge professionals”
GSI-WINGS is an integrated graduate program linking master’s and doctoral courses in which students conduct their studies over a five-year period. It is not possible to get only a master’s degree in this program. Students must enroll in one of the University of Tokyo’s graduate schools affiliated with this program with the aim of getting both a master’s and PhD degrees within that school while also completing the courses (14 credits) required to graduate from the GSI-WINGS program.
  • Compulsory Basic CoursesM1 - M2

    Research Methods
    Students are taught the basics of theories and methodologies of global studies.
  • Compulsory CoursesD1 - D2

    Students learn about social collaborations and problem-solving at GSI international hubs as well as at academic institutions, public institutions, and industry within and outside Japan. The program offers a rare opportunity for students to gain practical hands-on experience and knowledge off campus.
  • Compulsory CoursesD2 - D3

    Students will be able to give back the knowledge and experience they have gained in the program by working as Teaching Fellows in the short-term overseas programs, Global Praxis classes, and the like in the undergraduate College of Arts and Sciences. The Teaching Fellow position provides graduate students with a valuable opportunity to gain teaching experience in global education.
  • Compulsory CoursesD3

    International Research Cooperation
    Students participate in planning and managing a number of joint academic events, such as Global Studies International Symposiums and Global Studies Intensive Seminars hosted by the Institute for Advanced Global Studies (IAGS). This provides the students with the opportunity to participate in and contribute to a stimulating global network of young researchers and leading researchers from around the world.
Excellent Research Assistant (only available in Japanese)

本プログラム生は、卓越リサーチ・アシスタント(卓越RA)として、修士課程においては最大 21 カ月、博士課程においては最大 36 カ月研究業務を委嘱され、下記の月額が支給されます。

修士課程: 月額15万円(予定、最大21カ月)
博士課程: 月額18万円(予定、最大36カ月)

  • 支給要件等の詳細は、募集要項を参照してください。