LAINAC Friends

LAINAC Friends are the students and people in the society who have built deep relationships with LAINAC until today. Events hosted by LAINAC are not only research-projects based; LAINAC offers abundant educational programs and events that are closely related to working with the society. LAINAC Friends are those who wish and agree to maintain fondly friendships with The University of Tokyo and LAINAC as well as continue developing fruitful relationships in the future, even after these programs and events. Here is a list of things which we ask our LAINAC friends and the merits of becoming LAINAC friends.

  • You will receive announcements about various events hosted by UTokyo LAINAC and opportunities for academic interactions through the LAINAC Friends mailing list.
  • There is no fee for joining LAINAC Friends.
  • If you happen to know of events or opportunities which might be of interest to the researchers and students at UTokyo, we ask you to please share them with us by e-mailing to this address: info[at] We will be sure to spread the words, utilizing various means such as our homepage.
  • You will have access to documentary such as photos after participating in events hosted by UTokyo LAINAC.
  • You can always sign out of LAINAC Friends network. When you wish to do so, just shoot an e-mail to this address: info[at]