●  Conference Session ‘The Political Thought of the Pacific and Its Islands: Empire, Immigration and Race/Racism’, at the 2021 Annual Convention of Japan Political Science Association, 25 September 2021 (Zoom).
– Takuya Furuta, “J.R. Seeley and the Expansion of Japan”
– Tsuyoshi Kamimura, “East of the Orient, West of San Francisco: Nagasawa Betten (1868-1899)’s Views of the Pacific Ocean and Hawaii”
– Tomohito Baji, “Nan’yō and Colonial Policy Studies: the Pacific Islands, Race/Racism and Early IR”
Discussant: Takeharu Okubo (Keio university)
Chair: Sungeun Cho (Meiji Gakuin University)

●  Tomohito Baji, “Colonial Policy Studies in Japan: Racial Visions of Nan’yō, or the Early Creation of a Global South”, International Affairs, Vol. 98, issue 1 (2022), International Affairs’ 100th anniversary special issue ‘The Racialised and Colonial Power Dynamics of Academic-Practitioner Knowledge Exchange’.