Center for Korean Studies (CKS)

About Center

The Center for Korean Studies (CKS) started as a division within the Center for Asian Studies of the Institute of Advanced Global Studies (IAGS) in 2013 and was upgraded to a center in 2017. Korean studies covers the politics, economy, history, language, and culture of the whole Korean peninsula, both north and south, as well as of Koreans living in other countries.

The Center works to promote education in Korean studies, foster young researchers, promote research in the field, and actively disseminate the outcomes of this research. With the aim of enhancing educational activities and fostering young researchers, the Center uses external funds to hire part-time and project lecturers to teach classes, provide research funds to graduate students, and subsidize the publication of doctoral dissertations. As a part of its research activities, the Center sponsors symposiums and research meetings several times every year on various topics including the politics and history of north and south Korea, Japan-Korea relations, and the issues faced by Koreans living in Japan. Leading researchers, journalists, and civil movement leaders, inside and outside Japan, are invited to these events.


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